Information for Artists

Exhibition Proposals

The bus will have the following structures in place:

– Option to have windows exposed or covered with panels on which 2D materials can be displayed.

– Lights, a digital projector and a sound system.

– A projector screen mounted on the back interior wall of the bus.

– 12 stools and 2 fold-up tables for workshops, etc.


Additional things to note:

– Street parking is limited, but can be used for a one day exhibition, performance or event. For longer projects, private parking will need to be arranged.

– Projects will be selected by a jury of peer artists.

– In the future the bus will have a solar electric power system to power lights, projectors, and sound.


We recommend visiting the bus to see how the space will work for your project. Please contact Leah at: to make an appointment.

Upcoming Book Project:

SiteFactory's Field Guide to Unconventional Art Practices


More info coming soon...